Richard F. Schultz
Fortress at Dison
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Hello, and welcome to the website of fantasy author Richard F. Schultz

The first release in his new series became available in bookstores and online in January of 2009. 

"Fortress at Dison," set in both modern day Georgia and the medieval land of Arenia, takes you on a desperate journey through a dangerous and unpredictable world where enemies are numerous and allies are few.

Join ordinary college student Timothy Hamilton as his world is unexpectedly turned upside down and he is thrust into an adventure he could never have imagined.  With little warning his Uncle, a close friend and teacher since his early years, is revealed to be much more than the quiet neighbor down the street, and Tim's own life and the lives of his parents and friends are placed in dire peril. 

A copy may be purchased through most online bookstores, by ordering at your local bookstore or by clicking the publisher's link at right.

A two chapter preview can also be found at the publisher's link.
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